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tv   11 News Today  NBC  October 20, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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story in just a minute. let's check with our meteorologist tony pann. >> earlier we were talking about indian cold outside. >> and there is a song entitled " baby its cold outside." we're wondering who sang it. there are many people such as dolly parton. >> let's see what is happening weather was this morning. it is: outside. 36 degrees in gaithersburg. 35 at bwi. the sunshine will take care of the frost this morning. 67 this afternoon which is
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normal for this time of year. we will get over that over the next couple of days. >> good morning. a couple of new problems as we get into the 6:00 hour. a new accident in reisterstown. and windsor mill has a water main break. speed times are not bad on 95. j.f.x. is at 62 miles per hour. 11 minutes on avenue -- outer loop from the west side. here is what is happening on the west side. volume is picking up. that is the latest.
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>> our big story this morning, people are standing in long lines to get their vaccinations. administered. our reporter is live with that story. nationally. two upcoming flu clinics. they are giving it to top priority population members. the state of maryland is getting 45% fewer doses than requested. health officials are reacting to concerns over the way some are administering the vaccine. we aired video of a vaccine running down the arms of patients on thursday. one pregnant women we spoke to happened to her at a baltimore health clinic. way that their shots are being given. >> i think it is safe to say
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does get in. there is extra volume. >> the doctor says patients primary care physician if they have any questions. we will not more on this part of the story coming up for you later. wbal-tv. 10:00 last night near cherry hill road. a man was shot in the leg. a 13 year-old boy was shot in the hand. another boy was grazed.
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the owner of the vehicle who struck a john hopkins students did not turn himself in. the vehicle. he is facing a long list of criminal charges. but the man is charged, the jury will most likely not hear about his past. >> the rules of evidence are evidence i did this one, not because i am generally i am a bad person. >> funeral arrangements are pending for the student. no charges have been filed in
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the case. >> prosecutors say that a man, the owner of major brokerage jeweler's accepted thousands of dollars in cash for -- from drug dealers. he was arrested in november 2006. >> the administration says a new program will help support low mortgage rates and expand resources for low and middle- income borrowers who want to buy or rent a home. lawyers hope to stall the imposing -- imposed -- impending
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foreclosure proceedings on first mariner tower. one person allegedly defaulted on a million-dollar loan. is a retirement community. management and real esta retir. management and real estate sectors. this was the only maryland company to make a nationalist list of one of the best places to live. a billion dollars in debt must be restructured. campaign mode as he raises money for democrats in new york city. how much he raises will be one measure of his popularity nearly one year into his term. >> president's obama stunned the school kids in maryland with a surprise visit talking reading.
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>> what are you reading? little red riding hood? that is a classic. >> he talked about test scores. >> i am very proud of you. >> to cleanup is important. >> does he work here anymore? >> the president made an invitation to critics last week. >> we do not want someone saying you are not holding the mop the right way. why don't you help clean up and grab a mop? >> democrats are behind closed doors trying to raise money. >> where do you find $1 trillion about the level of government spending?
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>> 57% of americans favor a public plan. 76% are on board including most republicans. in other trouble spots, wall street where rising profits and big bonuses clash with the jobs picture in the nature -- nation. goldman sachs, jpmorgan, and citigroup are expecting to release results. -- expected to be at the function. will he be critical? >> the ticket price for-- $35,400 each. -- $30,400 each. >> they are for more oversight. wbal tv 11 news. >> an eastern pennsylvania firefighter has been suspended without pay for refusing to from
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his locker. a rule prohibits any stickers from being put on locker's after the firehouse. the firefighter refuses to remove the separate from his locker. the union is trying to work with the department to reach a compromise. that brings us to ourshould a pennsylvania fire an american flag on his locker? >> coming up, the bloomberg business report. >> and five barges had their hands full trying to fight this. >> and a scientist offering to sell information to foreigners. >> we have ideas for you this
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. we were not sure who was going to start talking. >> 43 degrees in the baltimore downtown area. it will be a nice day. >> if you're looking for something to do this weekend without spending and lots of money -- >> how does free sound? sandra shaw has more on this. >> there may be some showers this weekend so you may wanted to do things indoors.
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a family day of champions at the walters museum. it takes a look at the local heroes and those around the world. that is free this weekend. often they are trying to break the guinness world record at the end theater -- empathy a their -- at the theater by doing the world's largest dance. bashar current temperatures. 37 and bwi marshall. 43 in annapolis. we will see a nice warm up and that trend will continue as the week progresses. with more details on that encouraging news is tony.
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[unintelligible] sandwich you can do. we have chilly temperatures this morning. it will turn out to be a nice day. temperatures, upper 30's low 40's. big area of high pressure in control of the weather. that is good news. it gives us some sunshine and warm up. upper 60's today. a high of 67 degrees. no boat problems today if you take it out. no advisories.
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mostly clear skies tonight. most of you will stay in the 40's. during the day tomorrow, high pressure moves off the coast. we will jump into the seventh to keep. we are watching a somewhat tropical moisture. tropical storm rick is off the coast of mexico. it will move up into the plains states. the next door may arrive over the weekend. 72 on wednesday 75 on thursday. showers on friday and saturday. the temperatures drop by sunday. >> we have a few problem spots.
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on brees road in westminster, possibly cymling closures with the accent. use caution. in gwynn oak, all lanes closed with the water main break. building volume in the white marsh area. sluggish conditions in that area. that is the latest, over to you. quite thank you -- >> thank you. investigators are looking over emails, phone records, and other documents from the home of the
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family that lied to police about his son being carried out by his giant whether blood to get publicity for a possible reality show. millan is scheduled to appear in court later today. with an fbi agent posing as an israeli intelligence officer. yet top-secret information on nuclear weapons and materials. he offered to share that along with satellite information to the undercover agent. apartment complex completely destroying it. last night.
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target is offering a 5 cent discount for every reusable back purchased products,. cvs also wants to give bonuses to customers for refusing plastic bags. let's get the latest from wall street where investors are focusing on some stocks while taking the pulse of the housing industry. the bloomberg business report is up now. >> investors are expecting more signs of stabilization in the housing market. according to a survey, builders public -- pauly broke ground on a house as last -- probably broke ground on how housing starts last month, by animal.
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-- by a good amount. a congressional committee said the irs is auditing of a 100,000 american suspected of filing for an $8,000 tax credit for first- time home buyer but did not comply with the conditions. we had better than expected earnings reports. under armor and lockheed martin are leading the maryland index. apple is reporting quarterly sales topping analysts' expectations. another stock to watch is texas instruments. they had better than expected quarter earnings. demand for electronic components continues to recover.
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reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> one of the most common symptoms of pms are headaches. some say behavioral changes like avoiding stressful situations and all call could lessen the drop in estrogen that brings on those headaches. let us not forget the benefits of exercise as well. >> it is improving. the consistent aerobic exercise can help with pms symptoms. headaches are one of those symptoms. >> hormonal therapy or oral contraceptives can also help. another check on weather and traffic is straight ahead. >> nasa wants to take you on the
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next space shuttle mission, sort of. find out how to experience the atlantis mission without ever leaving the ground. >> here are the winning lottery .
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>> an accident in westminster. possible delays if you're traveling there. water main break at windsor
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mill. watch for an accident in the essex area. volume continues to build at i- 70. that is latest. over to you. >> it is quiet other than the fact that it is cold. 37 at the airport. 36 in middle river. >> at the next shuttle launch, the space agency nasa will open up the launch to those who twitter. >> they can see the blastoff up
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close to 100 people. >> liftoff. >> when the space shuttle lifts off in november, there will be more than media and vips looking on. one unlucky tweets will be on hand. lhasa is opening the launch to those on twitter. -- nasa is opening the launch to those on twitter. >> the registration was open a little bit before we filled up. we have a lot of people who are really interested in coming. we had a great response. >> all they have to do is tweet about the launch. they will see it and get to talk to astronauts and engineers. they are trying to reach the masses by offering new technology. it is not the first time the
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space agency has turned to twitter. some of the astronauts sent some messages from space. nasa is boldly going where no tweet has gone before. those lucky twitter uses and their followers will have quite a trip. nbc news. >> there is much more to come in the next half-hour of 11 news today. >> if you got a flu shot recently in if you are not sure if it was administered right, a local health care professional has some advice. details are next. >> this is ben finally agree on a place for a slots palace. we have the latest. >> beautiful weather to show you in the seven that they forecast. that is in the next few minutes.
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a look at what is coming up next on the jalen motion. >> denise richards' and jesse james.
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thank you for joining us. tony pann has a look at the forecast. >> temperatures are in the 30's. it will be a nice day. temperatures will make it into the upper 60's this afternoon. we will be back in a few minutes to check the seven-day forecast. >> >> our big story this morning, complications over the flu vaccine. > word of the vaccine against the h1n1 virus east concerns. go around. downtown with more on the story. >> we're at the state health asked for. are warranted that they are not getting enough of the
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vaccine. to flu clinics have been canceled and howard county is dealing with some issues as well. baltimore county has canceled some upcoming flu clinics. they only have 2000 doses when they planned for 50,000. >> they have put together a program of 103 different clinics. summer at community colleges or here at the health department-- some are at community colleges or here at the health department center. >> health officials reacting to concerns and how flu shots are given in recent clinics. we showed video of the vaccine running down the arms of patients. this patient is 29 weeks in her pregnancy says something similar happened to her at a baltimoreshe said yes.
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i asked for another shot. i waited for three hours. >> city health officials say in their shots were administered safely and effectively. >> the vast majority of the vaccine does get in. there is extra volume contained there. >> the mother we just told you offered to give her another flu shot today. wbal-tv. >> senator ben cardin is asking
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congress to put its money where its mouth is. he wants them to help clean up the chesapeake bay. his proposal would allocate $1.5 billion for cleanup efforts as well as economic assistance to those whose industries affect the overall health of the bay. >> it is one thing to declare benchmarks' but another thing to provide the funding. >> we want to cleanup of this bay for future generations. this appears to be a bold step. a lot more work needs to be done, but this is a step in the right direction. >> the want to achieve their goals by 2025. >> and emmett upcoming members are saying enough is enough. -- anne arundel county members are saying enough is enough. they have finally found a location for the slot machine. >> many were finding trouble and
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difficulty with the project. >> she defense several bills she introduced at the monday night council meeting to find a different location for slots rather than the proposed mall. >> putting in the bills at the same time in connection with what we understand to be the timetable will allow us to have that discussion and debate. >> they are also proposing transfer traffic impact zones. >> what will end up happening is a need to have a specific sum of money that can be utilized to address the traffic component of it. >> the bills will generate plenty of debate.
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>> i think they will open back up if they feel that this is not the appropriate site. >> good morning. checking on your morning commute. a few accidents to watch for. the this accident is still clamoring at reese road. -- still clearing at brees road. and a different accident involving a motorcycle and a deer. gwynn oak and windsor mill has a water main break repair.
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volume picking up around the area. here is a live view of white marsh. though such a vocal southbound delays. some delays at harford road. and also around i-70. sandra is live at the baltimore museum of art's. >> traffic is picking up today as people start their day to chilly conditions outside. it is october. the fourth annual free fall baltimore is beginning. numerous events are going on until october 31, that are free related to the arts. there are theater productions and how to create art workshops. a lot is going on.
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you can check out their website which is linked to hours. with the rain predicted on saturday, and may be a good idea to stay inside. plenty of sunshine by tomorrow. warmer on thursday. friday brings a late day showers and showers lingering into setting. back to you. >> thank you. every bride wants his -- her dress to be memorable. this address keeps going and going. see where i am going with this. we will explain. >> i am nikole killion in washington. how do americans feel about their health care coverage and the debate on capitol hill?
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i will have details on a new poll coming up. >> we're still taking your answers to the water cooler question of the day. should a pennsylvania fire departmenthave suspended a firefighter for his display of an american flag on his locker? email us your response to
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the >> you have seen long trains when it comes to wedding dresses like princess diana. but this is the world's longest wedding veil according to this person. she drove down the street with it. two models. she lit up -- too hot models.
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two miles. >> everybody has a special talent. this chinese man is talking to the animals literally. >> meet this man from beijing. he says he imitated the sounds of the animals he grew up around ever since he was a young boy. he can replicate more than 100 animal sounds and noises. he performs a local talent shows. >> he is pretty good. >> that is a tough act to follow. we have a problem spot out there
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and check on delays next. >> it is cold. we will check the numbers outside. it's 37 degrees at bwi.
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. in the headlines this morning. investigating a triple shooting in south baltimore just before the hand. another boy was grazed. no word on what prompted the gunfire. city police want to speak with a carroll county man in connection with a deadly hit-and-run accident last week.
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did not turn himself in. but the man is charged, the jury his past. he has not been charged so far. from his locker. a rule prohibits any stickers the firehouse. the firefighter refuses to remove the separate from his locker. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. departmenthave suspended a firefighter for his display of an american flag on his locker? email us your response to >> one person says there were a sense of the stickers in the past of lockers. now they have a policy that says no stickers of any kind.
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the removal of the sticker is following policy. you cannot have a policy in place and have exceptions. does that fire station fly the u.s. flag in front of the station? if so, then it should be allowed on the front of a locker. >> the issue is that it is not a sticker but a refusal to follow the rules. >> another person rights, but every hour believes, i believe we still are united in our country. make an exception for patriotism for goodness sake. >> lawmakers are still trying to hammer out the details of the health care bill.
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it will help with lower mortgage low and middle-income borrowers who want to buy or rent a home. -- poll, more americans are concerned about losing their health insurance coverage. a new poll finds one-third of losing their current coverage. health-care debate closely on they are split on the impact of39% say they think it will>> the american people demanded that we do this work. closed doors with white house officials midnight to combine separate health-care bills. >> this is a proposal that only get more expensive as the process moves forward between a handful of democratic lawmakers and the white house. >> what is important for all of
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this process is ensuring that at the end of this we have the ability for people to have a choice and competition. >> white house aides have said that a public plan is optional. the president is taking the message directly to supporters tonight in a live webcast. wbal-tv. >> good morning. checking on a busy morning rush of there. some accident. one is clearing and reif road. looking at possible delays and york road.
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a right lane closure with an accident in another area. some delays developing as you approach the west side as well as all i-70. the usual delay is in the white marsh area. a live view shows that it is back in town with delay is on the website at liberty. we are going to check in live with sandra talking about free fall for baltimore. >> this is the fourth annual event which is a combination of 70 different art groups around the city offering free events like guest lecturers to
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theatrical presentations related to edgar allan poe. on saturday there are some cool events. they will try to set the record for the month dancers at one time at a public venue. they are asking me to come out and participate in that. they will be dancing to thriller this year. in family fun day if he was at a museum. something cool to check out. look at the current temperatures. 37 at the airport. we are in store for plenty of store -- sunshine. something to look forward to. >> the sunshine will warmus up from these cold temperatures this morning.
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35 in york pennsylvania. there could be some frost for you to scrape off your windshield to start the day. a little disturbance are wrong -- along the great lakes. mostly sunny skies. that is our forecast. the sunrise coming up in a few minutes. no advisories are in effect if you are going to take the pulled out. it will be chilly tonight but not as cold as the last few nights. temperatures will stay in the 42 before most of you. no frost to talk about on wednesday morning. and area of high pressure will move to the east of the coast.
6:51 am
the wind will turn to the south. temperatures will jump into the assembly could be on wednesday. we could get tropical moisture out of the pacific. this is tropical storm wrecked. this will come ashore later tonight or tomorrow morning. that is where it will continue to go later on this week. in making a fuss summer rain on this coast. in the short term, some of standing water. go of said induce selling. 70 -- a nice warmer temperature after those cooler temperatures we had last weekend. >> thank you.
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time for a last look at other big story this morning. concerns over the availability and delivery of flu shots and health clinics. jennifer franciotti joins us live with that story. in morning, this is a vaccine shortage nationally. go around. department in downtown baltimore. asked for. are warranted that they are not getting enough of the vaccine. canceled and howard county is well. some upcoming flu clinics. some are concerned that health care professionals are not wearing gloves. many of the vaccine is running down the arms of patients according to videos that we shot last week. gloves are preferred but not required. wbal tv 11 news.
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>> if you plan on eating breakfast this morning at this restaurant, the big pink flamingo is gone. the owner decided to take down the big bird following the controversy over a city permit. the city told her that she must get a permit at a cost of $800 a year to keep the flamingo up. >> just ahead, another check on weather and traffic together before you head out to start yo
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>> a very good tuesday morning. it is chilly. we are live at the baltimore museum of art.
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the fourth annual free fall baltimore, a combination of 70 different art groups that of joined forces to provide free artistic events around the city. that is it for now. the sunshine will be out in a few minutes which means a lot for this afternoon. >> right. the forecast will be in the 7's the next few days. a chance of rain going -- 70's the next few days. a chance of r)s the next few days. a chance of rain going into the weekend. do not focus on the wane. >> just check out or commute. 140 at reitz road. accident still clearing. what foreclosures and went up due to water main break. accident at york.
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while much area seeing some volume picked up. >> thank you for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. >> do not forget to turn in to the radio. see you tomorrow. . ( sighs ) ( music throughout ) hey bets, can i borrow a quarter? sure, still not dry? i'm trying to shrink them. i lost weight and now some clothes are too big.
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good morning. big apple bound. president obama heads to new york tonight for a $30,000-per-couple fund-raiser, and a third of the attendees will be from wall street, the


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